mmMAGIC’s 2nd consortium meeting was held in Munich


mmMAGIC’s 2nd consortium meeting  was held last week in Munich. The three-day event brought together over 80 delegates from across Europe, and was hosted by Huawei European Research Centre.

On 30 November, the project held its first workshop with the advisory board.

During the workshop results and timelines of the project were discussed with representatives from ANFR, BNetZa, PTS, Ofcom, ETSI, Sony Mobile, BMW and University of Ilmenau, who attended the workshop. The project’s results triggered much interest from the advisory board who also provided feedback and guideline on timelines and areas of interest for future work, including spectrum and standards aspects.



The consortium meeting was held on 1st and 2nd December and was attended by 70 researchers from partner organizations. During the meeting partners presented and discussed the latest results from the project as well as discussing planned timelines and dissemination plans of the project results towards 5G PPP, regulatory and standards bodies and research community. The first public deliverable from the project (D1.1) was also released at the meeting.

The extremely well-attended consortium meeting has helped to pave the way towards the next project deliverables, which will describe preliminary concepts and technologies of most advanced millimetre-wave based mobile radio access networks, spanning aspects of channel measurement/modelling, radio access network architecture and integration, air interface design, as well as multi-antenna and multi-node technologies.