Three major technical deliverables from mmMAGIC are just released!

Three major technical deliverables from mmMAGIC are just released. They are available from the links below for your information.

Measurement Campaigns and Initial Channel Models for Preferred Suitable Frequency Ranges (D2.1)

This deliverable describes early channel measurement campaigns and evaluation results made in the mmMAGIC project. An initial channel model is proposed as basis for link and system level investigations. It is compliant to the 3GPP-3D model, in addition to providing several extensions to support the mm-wave frequency range. New modelling approaches for specific aspects of mm-wave propagation like blockage and clustering are addressed. These approaches will be the basis for further model extension and refinement towards the final mmMAGIC channel model.

Initial concepts on 5G architecture and Integration (D3.1)

This deliverable provides initial concepts on mm-wave 5G architecture and Integration to enable future 5G RAN. Here, we study the upcoming challenges and approach them mainly from the RAN architecture perspective.

Initial multi-node and antenna transmitter and receiver architectures and schemes (D5.1)

This deliverable provides the initial concepts and solutions from the technical work related to multi-antenna and multi-node transceiver schemes in millimetre wave (denoted as 6-100GHz) spectrum. It also briefly presents the use cases on which the work will be based and categorises the solutions in terms of their applicability to access, backhaul and relay deployments. Another important contribution from this report is the modelling of the hardware impairments in millimetre wave transceivers and the analysis of their impact on system performance.