Three new deliverables from mmMAGIC are just released!

Three new deliverables from mmMAGIC are just released. They are available from the links below for your information.

Preliminary radio interface concepts for mm-wave mobile communications (D4.1)

D4.1 describes the preliminary design of the radio interface concept including waveform, channel codes, frame structure and numerology, and efficient access schemes. Preliminary evaluation results are presented. Furthermore, the initial setup of HIL platform as well as the characterization of hardware components are described.

Periodic report, first reporting period (D6.2)

This public deliverable describes the overall progress made in the first year of the mmMAGIC project towards achieving its stated objectives, followed by a description of the progress made within each Work Packages (WPs) towards achieving the objectives. It highlights the project’s scientific and technical achievements, and the overall impact achieved as the result of great collaborative work and effort carried out by 19 project partners across six WPs.

1st Dissemination and exploitation report (D6.4)

This deliverable has been created as part of the work planned in the project Work Package (WP) 6 “Project management and dissemination”, and reports in detail the dissemination and exploitation activities performed by the mmMAGIC consortium during the first year of the project. Overall, mmMAGIC has already completed, within the first half of the project lifetime, all of the committed dissemination actions. Important results have been obtained, also in impacting standards and engaging with regulatory bodies.