5G PPP mmMAGIC is showcasing 5G mm-wave demos@ PIMRC 2016, Valencia

5G PPP mmMAGIC is showcasing 5G mm-wave hardware demos, phased-array antennas, channel model and visualization software at @ PIMRC 2016, Valencia

mmMAGIC  had a record attendance of 60+ in its booth from across the world, as well as very high visibility at IEEE PIMRC with two excellent 5G panels with mmMAGIC speakers (50+ attendance each).

The mmMAGIC paper “Speeding Up mmWave Beam Training through Low-Complexity Hybrid Transceivers” from IMDEA networks Institute has won PIMRC 16 Best Student Paper Award. Several other papers plus another panel from the project were also presented at this year IEEE PIMRC which was held in Valencia.