Happy 2017 from mmMAGIC!

Happy 2017 from 5GPPP mmMAGIC  project!

We had a wonderful year in 2016 for mmMAGIC, full of cutting-edge research, measurement campaigns, dissemination, standardization and demos in different key industry events, conferences and workshops across the globe. We also have successfully passed our Y1 review of the project with European Commission with positive and encouraging feedbacks on our progress and very helpful guidance from the reviewers.

mmMAGIC concluded 2016 with F2F meeting in Fraunhofer HHI Berlin with over 60 consortium delegates from across Europe. During the F2F workshop, the latest results and outcomes of the project, in particular in year 1, were discussed with representatives of Advisory Board (ANFR, BMW, BNetzA, ETSI, FICORA, Ofcom,Sony Mobile, PTS and University of Ilmenau) who attended the workshop and provided fruitful feedback.