A summary of mmMAGIC achievements and impact

Work and Achievements

The mmMAGIC project was at the forefront of the research and development of novel radio access technologies (RAT) at the millimetre-wave (mm-wave) frequency bands (6-100 GHz). The work carried out in mmMAGIC covered a wide range of technologies in the mm-wave field, from the identification of use cases, requirements, and spectrum suitability, to a holistic mmMAGIC system concept, integrating extensive key technical solutions developed in the project across the physical and network layers. In addition, the mmMAGIC visualisation tool and techno-economic assessment provided a solid understanding of 5G capabilities and practicality in various mm-wave scenarios and network deployments.

The mmMAGIC channel models have been developed through intensive modelling and validation effort based on a huge amount of data from 22 channel measurement campaigns conducted in the project. Associated findings resulted in 14 submissions to 3GPP and six to ITU-R. Several mmMAGIC measurement results and modelling approaches have been adopted by these bodies. The mmMAGIC geometry-based stochastic channel model (GSCM), whose structure is in line with the latest 3GPP channel model, provides major enhancements, e.g. regarding ground reflection and blockage effects, spatial consistency, and O2I penetration loss modelling. An implementation is available as part of the QuaDRiGa open-source software. It has already been used extensively for link- and system-level evaluations in 5G research.


The work carried out at mmMAGIC clarified scenarios and enabling technologies where mm-wave cellular radio links have important roles, demonstrated the feasibility and practicality of the technical solutions, and helped building the confidence and significance of continued research and development in the mm-wave field. The delivery of the mm-wave radio interface and mm-wave RAT, as an integral part of the 5G multi-RAT ecosystem, will significantly contribute to the comprehensive 5G Pan-European trials roadmap, and greatly support the European leadership in 5G technology, networks deployment and business.

mmMAGIC has created profound impact on the current and future know-how of 5G mm-wave technologies in the wider 5G community, and has laid a solid foundation for global standardization and alignment of new 5G technologies at the mm-wave field, which in turn has boosted the technology readiness in this crucial 5G area.

As a result, mmMAGIC has substantially influenced, and will continue to influence in the coming years, mm-wave academia, research, industry, as well as regulatory, and standardization bodies, in Europe and internationally.