The newly formed US National Science Foundation (NSF) research coordination network (RCN) spans the important and timely area of millimeter-wave (mm-wave) wireless networks that is the focus of intense current research in academia and industry for achieving multi-Gigabit data rates and low latency as part of the emerging vision for 5G wireless networks. […]

5G PPP mmMAGIC will participate as US-Europe bridge in US ...

5G PPP mmMAGIC showcased 5G mm-wave hardware demos on PAPR reduction for OFDM-based waveforms and also beamforming @ Second Global 5G Event 2016, Rome. mmMAGIC had a great attendance to its booth from the visitors and experts from all corners of the globe, including Deputy Head of Cabinet of European […]

5G PPP mmMAGIC showcased its 5G mm-wave demos @ Second ...

mmMAGIC had a strong and successful presence @EUCNC 2016, thanks to great efforts from mmMAGIC team present there. In particular, mmMAGIC had strong visibility @ 5G PPP Booth (via poster, slide presentation, flyer,  channel measurements video, courtesy of University of Bristol). mmMAGIC presentation and video also showed to the Project Officer at the […]

mmMAGIC had a strong and successful presence @EUCNC 2016!

Three new deliverables from mmMAGIC are just released. They are available from the links below for your information. Preliminary radio interface concepts for mm-wave mobile communications (D4.1) D4.1 describes the preliminary design of the radio interface concept including waveform, channel codes, frame structure and numerology, and efficient access schemes. Preliminary […]

Three new deliverables from mmMAGIC are just released!

The mmMAGIC and METIS II projects jointly organised a panel, titled ‘Industry Roadmap to 5G: Standards Timeline and Spectrum Requirements’ at the ICC (International Conference on Communications), which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 23rd to 27th May 2016. Eminent personalities from major operators and vendors– Chih-Lin I (China […]

mmMAGIC co-organised an industry panel at the flagship IEEE ICC ...