1. A mmMAGIC consortium paper was presented at the Special Session “Introducing THE 5G-INFRASTRUCTURE-PPP – Launching the European 5G Initiative”, EuCNC 2015, Paris, France, 29.06 – 02.07.2015
  2. mmMAGIC project Kick-off meeting, Hosted by SRUK, Staines, UK, 07-08.07.2015
  3. mmMAGIC co-organized a conference panel “From 4G to 5G and IoT: changing business models and new revenue opportunities”, IEEE PIMRC, Hong Kong, 01.09.2015
  4. mmMAGIC was presented at the conference panel “Key Aspects of 5G RAN Design”, IEEE VTC-Fall, Boston, 7.09.2015
  5. mmMAGIC participated in 5GPPP cross-project workshop on “Scenarios, Requirements, Performance Evaluation, Spectrum and RAN Design Assumptions”, Stockholm, 28.09-29.09.2015
  6. mmMAGIC organized a conference panel on “Unlocking Spectrum Above 6 GHz for 5G Mobile Communications”, IEEE DySPAN, Stockholm, 29.09-02.10.2015 (Presentation Links)
  7. mmMAGIC panel talk in NGMN Innovation Session, Montreal, Canada, 13.10-14.10.2015
  8. mmMAGIC was presented as part of FP7 MiWEBA “5G Exhibitions and Lectures”, SmartCom, Tokyo, Japan, 27.10.2015
  9. mmMAGIC overviewed as part of H2020 Tweether Workshop “millimetre-wave Technology for High-speed Broadband Wireless Network”, Valencia, Spain, 20.11.2015 (Presentation Link)
  10. mmMAGIC F2F Meeting, Hosted by Huawei, Munich, Germany, 30.11-02.12.2015
  11. mmMAGIC showed its first “5G Architecture Demo”, IEEE Globecom, San Diego, USA, 06.12-10.12.2015 (Video Link)
  12. mmMAGIC was presented as part of HetSNets Workshop Panel, IEEE Globecom Workshop on “Heterogeneous and Small Cell Networks”, San Diego, USA, 06.12.2015
  13. mmMAGIC also had an invited speech in “mmWave 2015”, IEEE Globecom Workshop on “Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5G – European Research Towards a mm-wave Air Interface for Access, Backhaul and Fronthaul”, San Diego, USA, 06.12.2015
  14. mmMAGIC was overviewed as part of 5G Panel, IEEE Globecom Workshop on “Emerging Technologies for 5G Wireless Cellular Networks”, San Diego, USA, 10.12.2015
  15. mmMAGIC was represented as part of two contributions in ETSI Workshop on “Future Radio Technologies: Air Interfaces”, Sophia-Antipolis, France, 27.01-28.01.2016
  16. mmMAGIC vision outlined as part of DELTA Winter School on “future wireless communications”, Ruka, Finland, 08.02-10.02.2016
  17. mmMAGIC Coordinator was speaking at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Special session on 5G, Barcelona, Spain, 25.02.2016 (Presentation Link)
  18. mmMAGIC was presented at ETSI International Workshop on “Scalable Radio Virtual Machine and Security for multi-RAT Reconfigurable Systems”, Rennes, France, 10.03.2016
  19. mmMAGIC was overviewed as part of the course “5G Communications and Technologies”, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, 17.03.2016
  20. mmMAGIC co-organized a workshop with FP7 MiWaveS on “Millimeter wave-based Integrated Mobile Communications for 5G Networks”, IEEE WCNC, Doha, Qatar, 3.04-6.04.2016
  21. mmMAGIC organized an Industrial Workshop on “Key enabling technologies on antenna and channel models for an effective mmWave 5G deployment”, EuCAP 2016, Davos, Switzerland, 10.04-15.04.2016
  22. mmMAGIC co-organized a workshop on “Millimeter-wave Networking (mmNet2016)” along IEEE INFOCOM, San Francisco, CA, USA, 11.04.2016
  23. mmMAGIC presented its achievements as part of Networld 2020 Annual Event and GA 2016, Brussels, Belgium, 19.04.2016  
  24. mmMAGIC presented as part of workshop “5G vision and Roadmap to Key Standards”, NetFutures 2016, Brussels, Belgium, 20.04-21.04.2016 
  25. mmMAGIC showcased a poster on mmMAGIC progress and achievements as part of ETSI summit “5G: From Myth to Reality”, ETSI, Sophia-Antipolis, France, 21.04.2016 (Poster Link)
  26. mmMAGIC overviewed as part of the course “Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5G”, Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers, Sweden, 25.04.2016
  27. mmMAGIC co-organized a 5G-PPP workshop on “5G RAN Design” in co-location with IEEE ICC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23.05-27.05.2016
  28. mmMAGIC co-organized an industry panel  on “Roadmap to 5G: Standards Timeline and Spectrum Requirement” at IEEE ICC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23.05-27.05.2016
  29. mmMAGIC presented “5G Channel Models in mmWave Frequency Bands and Initial System Level Evaluations” at Wireless World Research Forum, Meeting 36 – WGD – WG-HF, Beijing, China, 2.06-3.06.2016
  30. mmMAGIC co-organized a 5G-PPP workshop on “5G Physical Layer Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz” along EUCNC, Athens, Greece, 27.06-30.06.2016
  31. mmMAGIC presented at special session on “Millimeter-waves as a key enabling technology for 5G: Status of the pre-development activities and way forward”, EUCNC, Athens, Greece, 27.06-30.06.2016
  32. mmMAGIC was presented as part of keynotes in IEEE/IET CSNDSP, Prague, 20.07-22.07.2016
  33. mmMAGIC showcased its Hardware in the Loop (HIL) demo , PIMRC, Valencia, 04.09-07.09.2016
  34. mmMAGIC presented its Y1 achievements at 5G special session on “Extending 5G Mobile Communications to the mm-wave spectrum – Opportunities and Challenges”, TIW, Livorno, Italy, 12.09.2016
  35. mmMAGIC presented in a 5G-PPP panel on “5G Design: From Radio to Architecture” along ISWCS 2016, Poznan, Poland,
  36. mmMAGIC showcased its hardware demo @ Global 5G Event 2016, Rome.
  37. mmMAGIC presented as part of the keynotes for 3rd Workshop on Mobile Communications in Higher Frequency Bands in conjunction with IEEE Globecom 2016, Washington, USA, 04.12.2016
  38. mmMAGIC participated in a panel in International Workshop on Emerging Technologies for 5G Wireless Cellular Networks along IEEE Globecom 2016, Washington, USA, 04.12.2016
  39. mmMAGIC co-organised the 2nd 5GPPP workshop on 5G RAN design along Globecom 2016, 08.12.2016, Washington D.C. , USA.
  40. mmMAGIC organised Millimeter Wave-Based Integrated Mobile Communications for 5G Networks workshop (mmW5G, 2nd Edition) along WCNC 2017, 19.03-22.03.2017, San Francisco, USA.
  41. mmMAGIC presented the project vision and findings in IEEE 5G Summit 2017, 19.01.2017, Lisbon, Portugal.
  42. mmMAGIC participated in 5GPPP Cross-project workshop, 06-07.02.2017, Athens, Greece.
  43. mmMAGIC hosted a key 5G architecture workshop along some other 5GPPP projects, 30-31.03.2017, Cherstey, UK
  44. mmMAGIC co-organised 3rd 5GPPP workshop on 5G RAN design along ICC 2017, 25.05.2017, Paris, France. 
  45. mmMAGIC project Final F2F meeting, Hosted by SRUK, Chertsey, UK, 15.05-17.05.2017
  46. mmMAGIC co-organised multiple workshops, including “Millimetre-wave technology for 5G access, fronthaul and backhaul” along EUCNC, Oulu, Finland, 12.06.2017