mmW5G- Proposed Programme

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Millimeter Wave-Based Integrated Mobile Communications for 5G Networks

(mmW5G, 2nd Edition)- Proposed Programme

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Sunday 19th March 2017

1.45pm-3.00pm – session 1 (75 mins)

  • Introduction to the workshop and mmMAGIC project – session chair (10 mins)

  • First Keynote – (30 mins, including Q and A)

    Wideband (and Massive) MIMO for Millimetre-Wave Mobile Networks: Recent Results on Theory, Architectures, and Prototypes, Prof. Akbar Sayeed, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Paper presentations – mm-wave channel measurements and modelling (35 mins)

3.15pm-5.00pm – session 2 (105 mins)

  • Second Keynote – (30 mins, including Q and A)

    Millimetre wave communication using out-of-band information, Prof. Robert Heath, University of Texas at Austin

  • Paper presentations – mm-wave system design aspects (30 mins)

    • Beamforming MIMO-OFDM Systems in the Presence of Phase Noises at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies, Xiaoming Chen (Qamcom Research & Technology AB, Sweden), Chao Fang (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), Yaning Zou (TU Dresden, Sweden), Andreas Wolfgang (Qamcom Research & Technology AB, Sweden), Tommy Svensson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
    • Improved Pilot Sequences Allocation in Massive MIMO Systems, Abanoub Girgis (Ain Shams University & IEEE, Egypt), Bassant Abdelhamid (Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University, Egypt), Salwa El-Ramly (Ain Shams University, Egypt).

  • Panel session – Prevalent challenges for the adaptation of mm-wave technology for 5G  (40 mins)

    • Panellists:
      Dr. Nada Golmie (NIST, US)
      Dr. Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic (University of Vigo, Spain)
      Prof. David Michelson (UBC, Canada)
      Dr. Gia Khanh Tran (Tokyo Inst. of Tech)
      Dr. Marco Mezzavilla (NYU, US)