Work and Achievements The mmMAGIC project was at the forefront of the research and development of novel radio access technologies (RAT) at the millimetre-wave (mm-wave) frequency bands (6-100 GHz). The work carried out in mmMAGIC covered a wide range of technologies in the mm-wave field, from the identification of use cases, requirements, and spectrum […]

A summary of mmMAGIC achievements and impact

In the mmMAGIC project, Fraunhofer HHI conducted 5G trials in Berlin in collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz and Keysight Technologies to evaluate latest technologies for mm-wave mobile access and demonstrate their performance under real-world conditions.  You can follow up the final outcomes in this video clip.

mmMAGIC 5G mm-wave trials by Fraunhofer HHI

mmMAGIC consortium had their final F2F meeting in Samsung Leadership Centre in Chertsey in May 2017. During the F2F, key achievements of the project on technical, standardization, educational and societal aspects have been overviewed and the plans towards finalizing the last key deliverables and concluding the project have been outlined. […]

mmMAGIC final consortium meeting, Samsung Leadership Centre, Chertsey

5G PPP Workshop on 5G Architecture and RAN Integration (Co-hosted by mmMAGIC and some other 5GPPP projects) was a well-received event in Samsung Leadership Centre,Chertsey, bringing together over 60 delegates from 5G community incl. 5GPPP, academia and industry. We had great set of presentations from #5GPPP on Day 1 and more from […]

Great set of presentations and panels on 5G PPP Workshop ...

The mmW5G workshop along WCNC 2017 was very successful event.  We had 2 great keynotes and all the papers were presented to a high standard. We also had a lively panel session with a lot of interaction from the audience. The presentations are available here for interested readers and you can follow some photos […]

mmW5G along WCNC 2017 was a major success

Happy 2017 from 5GPPP mmMAGIC  project! We had a wonderful year in 2016 for mmMAGIC, full of cutting-edge research, measurement campaigns, dissemination, standardization and demos in different key industry events, conferences and workshops across the globe. We also have successfully passed our Y1 review of the project with European Commission […]

Happy 2017 from mmMAGIC!